Iowa Chapter of The Wildlife Society


Membership Committee-

  • Encourage membership/participation in all levels of TWS, including chapter, section, and national.
  • Help recruiting and enrolling new members.                

Committee  Chair: Ryan Kurtz


Conservation Review -

    • Review legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments, and impact statements, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife in Iowa.
    • Make recommendations to executive board regarding actions on above.
    • Draft responses and/or letters to legislators and administrators regarding actions above
    • Draft resolutions or public statements for consideration by resolution and public statements committee
    • Report on important conservation issues at Chapter Meetings

    Committee Chair: Katy Reeder



    • Review financial records and documents of Secretary-Treasurer at least annually
    • Submit written report of audit at each annual meeting and at any other business meeting following a financial audit.

    Committee Chair: Travis Russell



    • Solicit nominations for Award of Merit and Hall of Fame Awards from membership
    • Determine choices (if any) and report results to Executive Board by the Winter Meeting.

    Committee Chair: Kelsey Fleming


    Education and Information Committee

    • Coordinate editing, publishing, and distribution of Chapter Newsletter (1-2 x year)
    • Maintain update as needed, and promote/coordinate use of Chapter Display
    • Provide news releases regarding award presentations, meeting/program notices, and other pertinent information regarding chapter activities.
    • Provide notices regarding programs and workshops to other agencies and organizations that may have an interest.
    • Provide content and updates for website.

    Committee Chair: Pete Eyheralde


    Nominations and Elections Committee

    This committee is traditionally chaired by the past president with the 2 other members being appointed by the executive board. Its function is to obtain a slate of 2 candidates for each elected position at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting in an election year. 

    Committee Chair: Past President


    Resolutions and Public Statements Committee

    • Prepare submit and recommend action on any proposed resolution or public statement submitted by 2 or more members.
    • Insure that any public statements or resolutions with a positive recommendation are not counter to existing National policy.

    Committee Chair: Brian Sauer

    Contact: Brian.sauer@dnr.iowa gov

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